headway rebate

Headway Rebate 90% Paid Daily Auto To Your Wallet Account

Headway Rebate Advantages


The highest cashback ever


No spread markup


Cashback even on losing trades


Automated daily payments


Dedicated support

No limits

Cashback on every trade

Cashback payment details

Rebate Rate:90 %
Payment Method:Automated on Headway wallet
Accrual Period:Daily
Account transfer:Available

Available cashback


Benefits of the Headway Rebate Program

90% Rebate (cashback) which is the highest rate ever

Cashback is paid on winning and losing trades both

Join for Headway rebate with existing account

Daily cashback directly on your Headway wallet

We pay rebate for clients from all over the world

Dedicated support 24/7. Contact us for assistance when needed

How Headway Rebate Works?

headway rebate
  • We attract clients to trade in Headway Broker
  • Traders pay spread or commission to Headway while trading. Headway in turn shares a part of it with us, cause we attract clients
  • We give 90% of our income back to traders and it is called rebate or cashback. Payments are daily and are made directly to your Headway wallet

4 Easy Steps To Get Rebate



Open an account using our affiliate link, complete all registration processes until verified

Claim Account

The account claim process is carried out to ensure that your account is under our IB, and in this process the percentage of sharing rebate to your account is also set at 90% For the account claim process, please whatsapp us


Carry out trading transactions as usual

Cashback Rebate

On the next day you will receive a rebate commission based on your trading volume automatically into your wallet account

what if I already have a trading account ?

If you already have a trading account, you can transfer IB using the format below:

  1. Please copy the text below then paste and send an email to: care@hw.site
  2. E-mail subject: IB placement

    Dear Headway Team,

    please move my account ………. to IB 1511405 thanks

Contact Support/Claim Account :

Rebates with Headway Broker: Maximize Your Trading Profits

Headway Broker offers an attractive rebate program for traders looking to maximize their trading profits. This program allows traders to earn back a portion of the commission they pay when they trade.

Headway Broker’s rebates are available for a variety of trading instruments, including forex, indices, commodities, and stocks. The rebate amount varies depending on the instrument type and trading volume.

This rebate program can be an effective way to boost your trading profitability.

Benefits of using Headway Broker's rebate program:

  • Increase trading profitability: Earn back a portion of the commission you pay, allowing you to improve your trading profits.
  • Increase trading volume: The rebate program can incentivize you to trade more, potentially leading to higher returns.
  • Enhance your trading experience: The rebate program can make trading more enjoyable and rewarding.
If you're looking to improve your trading profitability, consider using Headway Broker's rebate program.

Forex rebates and Forex cashbacks refer to the same concept. Each time you execute a trade, you incur either a spread or a commission that is paid to the broker. If you trade under our IB Partner affiliation, we receive a portion of this spread or commission from the broker as a reward for directing clients their way. We then pass on 90% of this earned commission back to you, which is known as either a rebate or cashback.

Certainly! You can easily link your existing account to our service. Simply sign up on our website and follow the steps to include your current account under the Headway section. Once added, it will be integrated into our IB group, and we’ll configure your rebates for you!

Yes, it is free to join. And after you join, we will pay you daily for your trades!

Certainly! Cashback will be credited for your personal trading activities. Additionally, you will continue to receive your IB commission from the clients you refer as usual.

The rebate will be directly credited to your Headway wallet. Once credited, you can either transfer these funds to your trading account or opt to withdraw them.

Headway rebate (cashback) is paid daily.

Yes, we guarantee that there will be no mark up. It is our public commitment.

Your extra income depends on the size of your trading operation and the trading instrument. You can learn how much rebate you will receive using the Rebate calculator on our website.

We are a broker rebate provider that has been providing services to traders all over the world for many years

Regulation Headway Broker

JAROCEL PTY LTD (registration number 2021/883863/07; registration address 3 Flamingo Crescent, Beacon Bay, East London, 5241, South Africa). JAROCEL PTY LTD is authorised and regulated by FSCA (Financial Sector Conduct Authority), license number 52108.

Risk Warning

Disclaimer: Forex trading carries out an increased risk and may not be suitable for all investors. Trading with leverage creates additional risks and the likelihood of losses. We recommend you to learn forex trading and trade on Demo account before starting trading on a real account. Headway Rebate service is only a cashback provider and not responsible for the decision taken by traders.