What is Headway Rebate

Headway Rebate or Headway Cashback offers a partial refund of the trading spread or commissions you’ve paid to your broker when you open or close a trade. We provide an 90% rebate on IB revenue, which can be up to 38% of the spread for all types of accounts. This rebate applies to both profitable and losing trades.

Headway was established by professionals who have successfully climbed from entry-level positions to become experts in the finance industry. They understand traders and their needs exceptionally well. As a result, Headway offers ideal trading solutions that facilitate success and satisfaction, removing unnecessary hurdles and complexities.

At Headway, we believe that our reputation is crucial for success in any sector. Our dedication to honesty, expertise, and transparency has built a sterling reputation. We value our relationships with clients and partners highly, always striving to be transparent and open. Headway prides itself on valuing each client, partner, and team member, cherishing their trust, and appreciating their choice in a crowded marketplace.

As a Headway IB (Introducing Broker) partner, we offer a 90% rebate of the IB commission directly to your wallet account.

How to Obtain a Headway Rebate for a New Account

  1. Open a Live Account
    • Start by opening a live Headway account via our IB link. To qualify for the Headway rebate, your account must be registered under our IB. Open a live account here.
  2. Add Your Trading Account
    • Add or validate your trading account.
  3. Set Up Your Rebate Method
    • Configure your rebate method to automatically credit to your wallet account.
  4. Deposit and Trade
    • Fund your account using any available method at your broker, then commence trading as usual. Rebates will be automatically paid into your account.

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